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Bohemian / Czech Yeast-Raised Bread Dumplings

One of the things I love about Chicago (aka the homeland) is the abundance of ethnic restaurants.  My husband, who is of Czech (Bohemian!) descent, especially loved the Czech restaurants and bakeries, and really missed the food when we moved to California in 2004–especially those authentic Bohemian (Czech) yeast-raised bread dumplings! There were NO Czech restaurants, although we DID find a bar out in Redondo Beach, about a 50 mile drive, that served Bohemian food, including some pretty decent bread dumplings. I was...


Low Carb Stuffed Artichoke Recipe (& how to make a norm-carb one, too)

Low Carb Stuffed Artichokes Ahhh, stuffed artichokes! The Italian word for artichokes (plural) is carciofi… we always called them something like “Kachoffs.”   I cut my baby teeth on those suckers.  They always found a place on the table for special occasions, especially holidays.  Paper grocery bags were placed strategically around the table to hold the discarded leaves after the magnificence had been scraped off between our front teeth.  And then… and THEN!!!!  Nirvana… you would reach the bottom (which my Dad...