Low Carb Cherry Cheesecake Mousse

One very, very humid day, I decided to make a nice batch of cherry Jello.  Since I have zero patience, of course I decided to use the Quick Set method (you know, boiling water followed by ice cubes, then stir-stir-stir).  Well… something went wrong.  Something went waaaaay wrong & my Jello came out much, much too soft.


Pink Barf… OOOPS!

Now, I was raised to believe that wasting food was a terrible sin.  In fact, the respect for the sanctity of food went so far as the belief that setting a can or loaf of bread–oh, ESPECIALLY the bread!!!–upside down was akin to “dedicating it to the devil.”  But I digress… my dysfunctional childhood is a WHOLE other post, or maybe a really twisted book that will land in Oprah’s book club & eventually turn into a blockbuster movie….

Anyway, I love to experiment in the kitchen, & if something turns out all wrong, I will.  Not.  Give.  Up.  I will try over & over until I make that mess delicious, or collapse on the floor in a puddle of tears, whichever comes first.

So, I had to find a way to “repair” this Jello, making it firmer & more edible with a spoon instead of a straw.  “Oooh,” I thought (sometimes I really do think “oooh” in my head), “I’ll just blend some cottage cheese with a few drops of vanilla & a bit of Sucralose, if I have any left over from killing fire ants*, and mix it into the Jello for a fantabulous low-carb dessert!”  HAHAHA!  As you can see, that didn’t work out too well:  behold, pink barf.

The pink barf was… edible I guess, but not pretty & just NOT what I was going for.  Like a dog with a bone, I wasn’t going to give up soooooooo…. I retreated to my laboratory (the kitchen) for my next mad experiment…

I was going to turn the Pink Barf into cheesecake mousse.  Ish.  Concoction.  So I busted out a block of Philly reduced fat cream cheese** and got down with my bad self.  I softened the cream cheese… added just another drop of vanilla

SAVE! Making Progress...

SAVE! Making Progress…

& a tiny sprinkle of fire ant killer Sucralose, put it into the fridge for a while to firm and VOILA’!

It came out so amazingly delicious I was force to scream “WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO” at the top of my lungs, causing my toy poodle mascot to tilt his little head in a most adorable manner while putting his little tail-poof down just in case.  He knows Mom gets scary sometimes.

So while I don’t have an exact blow-by-blow recipe for you here (look for that later…)  I highly recommend mixing Jello with softened cream cheese & some creamed-smooth cottage cheese, plus a couple of drops of vanilla & some sweetener!  It’s AWESOME!  (Even though there are still a few little cottage-cheese lumps… & it kind of looks like Thousand Island… trust me, it tastes incredible…)

Low Carb Cherry Cheesecake Mousse

Low Carb Cherry Cheesecake Mousse

And I think serving it in one of my Fiesta coffee cups makes a nice presentation, don’t you?  (Anyway, they never EVER get used for coffee, because I need a whole lot more caffeine than that!)

*I sprinkle Splenda on fire ant hills & those suckas are gone, baby, gone within a day or two.  And my little dog is still alive.

**While the low-carb community generally frowns upon reduced-fat products, Philadelphia reduced fat cream cheese actually has NO carbs, while the full fat variety has 1 per serving.  I’ve found that store brands generally have more carbs, too.


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