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New Years Resolutions & ART JOURNALING!

Happy New Year!  Hopefully!  I mean… I heard the news today, oh boy…. and then I cried. Honestly, it really, really gets me down. I’ve had to place myself on a News Diet just so I don’t wind up with Rudolph nose and eyes that make Niagra Falls look like a minor faucet leak. One of the ways I (try to!) keep my head on straight is Art Journaling. Is it just me, or is time passing at warp speed? It’s been a while...


Pretty, DIY Window Treatment–Damage-Free, Too!

I’m not very traditional.  Curtains have never appealed to me as a window treatment.  My decorating style–if you can call it “style”– leans toward the kitschy and colorful.  My home is painted in mostly neutral colors, so I’ve spiced up my living room with bright throw pillows, vivid art, floral feathery stuff and Mid-Century Modern ceramics.  That took care of the wall containing our fireplace, entertainment nook and built-in bookshelves.  Since it’s an open floor plan, the only other wall is taken up...