Cute DIY Dog Bed in Less Than 5 Minutes—Cheap, Too!

5 Minute DIY Dog Bed / Futon

5 Minute DIY Dog Bed / Futon

Make a Cute Dog Bed / Futon in Less Than 5 Minutes

Anything can be a dog bed for Guapo.  He instantly claims and settles onto anything that may be on the floor, whether I’m going through old clothes, Guapo would be happy with an old, ratty qulit

Guapo would be happy with an old, ratty qulit

changing the linens, or sorting laundry.  Any nice, soft pile of fabric or old pillow is his own little sanctuary. Obviously, he would be very happy with just a pile of old clothes or a blanket, but I like him to have something a bit nicer.


This One is Amazing! (But it’s gonna take some time…)

I came across this utterly adorable dog bed on Facebook, with a link to the instructions on Youtube (from Better Homes and Gardens).  No doubt about it, it IS cool…. VERY cool.  But ummm… that’s a lot of time and work.  I love my boy a lot–just don’t think he would appreciate all the effort that went into the making of a bed like that.  Plus, he’s awfully small, and the hopping onto a bed like that might be a bit much for him.  Still… it’s really cute, and he’s worth it… maybe if I left off the little legs.

How to Make My DIY Dog Bed Futon Cheap & Fast

He IS the puppy love of my life, and I like him to have nice things.  While he does own several really cute little pet beds, his favorites seem to be the ones I’ve made for him from Ikea cushion covers I found in the clearance section.

Ikea Cushion Cover

Idea Cushion Cover

I can usually find these cushion covers for three bucks or less, and I have been known to make comfy floor pillows out of them, too.  I like that the covers can just be zipped off and washed.  You could fill them will pillow stuffing, but I usually just use old clothing or blankets.  Your dog will appreciate anything that still has a bit of your scent on it. (I’m not talking about sweaty gym clothes or socks that can stand by themselves… LOL!)

The one I’m using here is a nice, durable denim, and it’s already been through the wash five or six times.  I just folded up an old blanket that had some bleached out areas, stuffed it into my cushion cover, zipped it up, bent it and… TA-DA! Cool furniture for a very cool fur kid.

I kind of discovered this little futon idea by accident while cleaning.  Somehow it wound up leaned against the wall, and I thought “Oh, how cute… it’s like a little doggie sofa.”  And Guapo seems to just love it.

The little owl pillow is actually an adorable stuffed door stop I found at Ross, and Guapo seemed a little intimidated by it at first–maybe because of the big, crazy eyes.  He did warm up to it, and these days I often find him cuddled right up to the owl on his own little sofa.

Guapo on His New Futon Bed

Guapo on His New Futon Bed

As you can see, I didn’t overstuff this cushion cover as I wanted to be able to easily bend it.  Also, my dog is rather small, and I wanted it to be low enough for him to easily step onto.  Who wants to make a Herculean effort just to go lay down?  Not Guapo!

As a little sofa, this might not work for a big dog, but it’s perfect for a smaller pet.  The Ikea cushion covers just filled and laid flat are perfect for bigger fur kids.  Human kids and adults like them too!



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